Our Art Deco building has many "originals" from that architectural era. Among them are fixtures including bathroom sinks with the faucets and hardware from the 30s that still function well. However the brass manifolds on some tended to leak where they are attached to the sink spout. Other plumbing companies had inspected the manifold-faucets assembly. All said there was nothing that could be done. The wall hung sink, manifold and faucets needed to be replaced. This was done. Expensive and definitely not Art Deco original. Contacted IPS to take a look at what we had. Adam removed a sink and detached the manifold. He said that he might be able to repair the manifold to sink connection. He did so. It worked. He has done several since. None have leaked. Cost? One hour labor and minimal materials. And our building still has many original Art Deco bathroom sinks